the Zero Carbon Act

The Zero Carbon Act has been developed by Generation Zero: a nationwide, youth-led organisation with a vision to see Aotearoa New Zealand on the path to a thriving, zero carbon future. The Act will commit New Zealand to net zero carbon by 2050 or sooner, set a legally binding pathway to this target, and require the Government to make a plan to ensure targets are met.  You can find out more about the Zero Carbon Act, here. The Act is based on the UK Climate Change Act, legislation that was spearheaded by UK NGO Friends of the Earth and enacted in 2008.  It was the groundswell of public support and the rare display of cross-party consensus that were largely to thank for getting the UK Act over the line. 


The Zero Carbon Act is officially endorsed by aid organisations including Oxfam, World Vision, and other members of the Council for International Development. World Vision has even been sponsoring a Zero Carbon Act article series focused on the Pacific, which is well worth a read. Further, the new NZ government has committed to introducing the Zero Carbon Act with a target of net zero carbon by 2050. We are on the right track, however we now need to ensure that we enact the strongest act possible and that we get cross-party support to ensure that future governments cannot undo all this good work!


You can help by signing the petition calling for the New Zealand Parliament

to enact the Zero Carbon Act, here.