offsetting emissions from

The Climate Run

I have endeavoured to reduce the carbon emissions from this project by offsetting the emissions from the flights I will be taking. Although not a permanent fix, flying was an unavoidable consequence of this project and I hope that the message spread and the stories told will outweigh the carbon cost in this instance. 

In order to calculate my carbon footprint from the flights taken, I used the carbon calculator created by Climate Care, an organisation that primarily works with government and corporate partners to tackle climate change, drive sustainable development and build climate resilience. The calculator allows you to input your flight details and then calculates the emissions and the cost to offset them. Once you have paid, you are issued a certificate detailing the total offset, the amount paid and projects that your money may help fund. 

Projects that may be funded using the money I paid to offset emissions include the LifeStraw Carbon For Water program aimed at delivering safe water to 4 million people in Kenya and the Gyapa Stoves project that supports local entrepreneurs to manufacture and distribute safe, efficient cookstoves to households in Ghana. 


You can view the carbon certificate issued for this project, by clicking on the PDF icon below.